• 3D SPI Principle and Test Method

    3D SPI Principle and Test Method

    SPI is solder paste inspection system. The main function is to detect the quality of tin paste printing, including volume, area, height, XY offset, shape, bridge and so on. The detection principle of how to detect very small solder paste quickly and accurately is generally PMP( phase modulation p...
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  • Difference of AOI and SPI in SMT inspection

    Difference of AOI and SPI in SMT inspection

    SMT is acronym for Surface Mount Technology, the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry. SPI is used for quality inspection of solder printing and validation and control of printing process after printing machine.SPI plays a considerable role in the whole SMT. Th...
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  • BGA Quality Can Be Tested by AOI Optical Inspection Machine

    BGA Quality Can Be Tested by AOI Optical Inspection Machine

    The I/O terminals of the BGA package are distributed under the package in the form of circular or columnar solder joints in the form of arrays. The advantage of BGA technology is that the number of pins increases, but the pin spacing does not decrease but increases, thus increasing the assembly y...
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  • What is AOI overview?

    AOI, the full name of Automatic Optical Inspection, is automatic optical inspection equipment. It is an efficient intelligent equipment based on simulating human eyes, running machine vision technology, and replacing people in welding process production to detect common missing parts in PCBA. As ...
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  • AOI testing equipment testing programming

    AOI testing equipment testing programming

    The thumbnail is the reduced image of the PCB tested by the current AOI equipment, which is convenient for global observation, display of error positions and other related operations. At the same time, if you want the camera to move to a certain position, you only need to double-click the corresp...
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  • Basic steps of offline programming of AOI tester equipment

    After purchasing our equipment, many customers have different learning levels based on workshop workers. Therefore, even though our inspection software has built-in operating tutorials, we will still send technicians to conduct programming and maintenance training, but even so, there are still Th...
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  • About some advantages and disadvantages of PCB copper plating

    Copper coating is an important part of PCB design. Whether it is the domestic Qingyuefeng PCB design software, some foreign Protel, PowerPCB provide the intelligent copper coating function, then how to apply copper, I will share some ideas with you Share together, hoping to bring benefits to coll...
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  • Design and skills of high frequency PCB wiring

    PCB is also called printed circuit board (PrintedCircuitBoard), it can realize circuit connection and function realization between electronic components, and it is also an important part of power circuit design. Today, I will use this article to introduce high-frequency circuit wiring techniques ...
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  • The development of AOI automatic optical inspection instrument brings new opportunities

    1. At present, machine vision is developing in two general directions: 1. Applications in embedded In the past ten years, embedded products such as sensors and smart cameras have gradually occupied part of the machine vision market. Smart camera is a highly integrated micro-mini machine vision sy...
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  • Several major trends of PCB technology development and innovation in circuit board factories

    1. Generally speaking, the temperature specified in the SMT workshop is 25±3℃; 2. When printing solder paste, the materials and tools needed to prepare solder paste, steel plate, scraper, wipe paper, dust-free paper, cleaning agent, stirring knife; 3. The commonly used solder paste alloy composit...
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  • High quality request of SMT patch PCB  production process need application of AOI detector

    High quality request of SMT patch PCB production process need application of AOI detector

    Overview, tutorials or basic information about the PCB manufacturing process. People in the electronics industry involved in the PCB manufacturing process are very important. Printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, are very widely used as the basis of electronic circuits. Printed circuit ...
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  • AOI quality scanning tester shares LED controller production?

    1. The LED controller series is a RGB three-color intelligent dimming controller dedicated to LED lighting, using advanced computer control chips and the most advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) digital brightness adjustment technology; it can be remotely controlled by IR/RF Comes remote dimmin...
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