AOI Automatic Optical Detector Maintenance Manual

1. Use safety precautions
In order to use this equipment safely, please pay attention to the following items and strictly observe:
1 . Operators must receive relevant safety and operation training.
2 . The power supply must comply with the working voltage, current and Hz specified on the equipment nameplate, and the ground wire must be grounded.
3. When plugging in the power cable, pay attention to it firmly to prevent poor contact or falling off.
4. Be careful not to subject the device to strong vibration and impact during the overall movement of the device.
5. For mobile devices and computers, pay attention to handle it gently to prevent the internal board of the computer from vibrating and loosening.
6. Do not switch the main power supply of the equipment and the power supply of the computer frequently.
7. During the startup of the software, avoid touching the PCB fixture with your hands to prevent pinching your fingers.
8 . The PCB fixture is properly fixed, and attention should be paid to prevent the PCB from falling off during the inspection process.
9 . If an emergency occurs during the detection process, please quickly press the “Emergency Stop” button. After the emergency is removed, reset the “emergency stop” button and follow the prompts.
1 0. If it is found that the equipment detects abnormal movement, immediately stop the detection. After eliminating the operator’s program error, please directly contact our company or an authorized seller.
1 1. Please pay attention to the equipment working environment, maintenance and timely maintenance.

2. The normal working environment of the equipment
In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, ensure the accuracy of detection and prolong the service life of the equipment, please pay attention to provide the working environment required for the normal operation of the equipment.
1. The device placement position has been adjusted to the level (1m +/-0.02m).
2. The ambient temperature is within 5-40 degrees, and the humidity is within the range of 35-80%.
3. No direct sunlight, no condensation.
4. Less dust, no splashing liquid spray.
5. When the equipment is installed, there should be enough space at the front and back for the convenience of operation, heat dissipation and maintenance of the equipment.
6. Keep the appearance of the equipment clean, and it is not allowed to use corrosive solvents to wipe the surface.
7. The equipment is not allowed to be subjected to severe vibration or impact during the working process.

Three, maintenance content

1. Tools and maintenance consumables: thinner, industrial alcohol, N46, 3 #, vacuum cleaner, T-shaped hexagonal stick, brush, dust-free paper, rust remover

2. Clean the surface of the machine with a rag.

3. Clean the inside of the machine with a dust-free cloth

4. Check and clean each sensor.

5.Check and clean the camera with a lint-free cloth.

6.Check whether the transmission belt is damaged or loose and whether the belt pulley is loose, and replace it if necessary.

7. Test whether the control system of various functions is normal.

8. Clean all dust cover, control box and cooling fan dust, fan filter. Wipe clean all cover oil stains.

9. Check whether there is any looseness in the movable connection parts such as bearings and screws. If there is looseness, tighten it.

10. Correct the machine parameters and make backups. (Refer to operating mobile phone)

11. Clean and lubricate the guide rails and screw rods of the conveying track.

4. Purpose of maintenance:

In order to make the machine run more stably and quickly, improve product quality and efficiency, and extend the service life of the machine.

Five, matters needing attention
1. Use environment
For example, due to excessive dust or other garbage, the ventilation holes will be blocked, and corrosive materials will contact the surface of the product, causing malfunctions.
Failure due to vibration or impact during movement.

2. If necessary when maintaining the machine, be sure to turn off the power of the machine first.

3. During maintenance, when it is found that a component is about to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

4. Any component must be corrected accordingly after disassembly.

5. Warm up the machine for 20 minutes after maintenance.

6. The oil used for different parts must be correct.

Post time: Jan-06-2022