• How does the electronics industry build a smart SMT factory?

    In recent years, under the upsurge of Industry 4.0, Industrial Interconnection, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, etc., many outstanding manufacturing companies around the world have carried out smart factory construction practices. Among them, the electronics industry has become the focus of ...
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  • Working environment requirements of EKT AOI equipment

    Working environment requirements of EKT AOI equipment

    Ektion equipment is high-precision electromechanical integration equipment. There are certain requirements for the equipment and process materials on the cleanliness, humidity, and temperature of the environment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and assembly quality, the f...
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  • Long-term use of AOI automatic optical inspection systems is harmless to human body

    Long-term use of AOI automatic optical inspection systems is harmless to human body

    AOI machines have a small amount of radiation, but they do not endanger the health of the body. It is best not to approach the X-RAY machines. The radiation from the X-RAY machine is the heaviest. The radiation of the AOI machine is mostly from the screen. Try not to face the display during opera...
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  • AOI post reflow

    AOI post reflow

    AOI post-reflow is the most common use of AOI in an SMT line and is pivotal for quality assurance to prevent defects from passing to the next stage of production. All defects must be detected by AOI inspection at this critical step. Post-reflow AOI inspection allows detection of defects that may ...
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  • Online Automated optical Inspection System (AOI)

    Online AOI system is kind of low cost and high-efficiency inspection equipment applied in all visual test stage of SMT production line. It can be set in position of post- solder paste printing, pre-reflow oven or post-reflow oven. It supports automatic searchin...
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  • Working principal of automated optical inspection equipment

    Automatic optical inspection system is applied in PCBa production line after the SMD parts installed, or after solder, it automatically detects the placement status of parts and solder status, detects the bad pcb welding, Aoi is good helper for improving the fi...
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  • Wonderful association held by EKT factory and FD company

    Wonderful association held by EKT factory and FD company

    A wonderful association held by we EKT AOI factory and FD company. This activities promoted inter-firm cultural exchanges and we both displayed the brand image of our companies.More sharing, more chances, more confidence!
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  • Automating inspection and utilizing AI – how will it affect test engineers?

    The test landscape is changing. SPI, AOI and x-ray systems provide much of the intelligence that drives the production equipment on the factory floor. Future systems will be even more intelligent, gathering more data and include automatic programming and integrated inspection analysis.
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  • Automatic optical inspection, AOI systems

    key points for AOI, automatic or automated optical inspection systems used in electronics PCB printed circuit board manufacture. Automatic or automated optical inspection, AOI, is a key technique used in the manufacture and test of electronics printed circuit boards, PCBs. Automatic optical inspe...
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