What should be paid attention to in the processing of medical electronic SMT patches

What matters should be paid attention to in the processing of medical electronic SMT patches, medical electronic products have their own special requirements:

Whether it is medical testing equipment or medical auxiliary tools and equipment, it needs to be very high in use, and things about life cannot be approximated, left or right, and so on.

High stability: Especially for medical diagnosis and medical auxiliary tools and equipment, high stability is essential, the diagnosis in the diagnosis stage, the stability of the application in the clinical application stage.

Taking into account the special requirements of medical equipment, for medical electronics SMT patch processing plants, it is necessary to strengthen the quality control of SMT patch processing.

1. Quality control of components: For the control of medical electronic components, first of all, the quality must be controlled from the source of purchase. After the purchase is completed, IPQC needs to conduct a full inspection of the components, seal the samples and store them, and special BGA and IC must be stored in a moisture-proof cabinet.

2. Solder paste control: The patch processing of medical electronics must select and store solder paste according to the characteristics of the product. The stirring and the addition of flux in the application process must be strictly controlled.

3. Solder joint control: After the quality of components and solder paste is completely OK, the control of solder joints determines the quality of SMT chip processing. Simply put, the quality of solder joints determines the quality of chip processing.

4. Electrostatic control: The instantaneous discharge of static electricity can reach several thousand/w, and the damage to BGA and IC components is invisible potential damage. Medical electronics need to deal with considerable data in the application, if it is lost due to electrostatic damage to the core components Stability will affect the stability of the product.

In addition, in the patch processing of medical electronics, there are not only the above four points, but also many aspects that require manufacturers to work hard. To be truly responsible for the product and the user of the product is a problem that the manufacturer must face.

Post time: Aug-03-2021